The 5 Benefits of Thermal Imaging Cameras

Last Updated : June 23 2017

The 5 Benefits of Thermal Imaging Cameras

by Mary Pressman 2017 June 21

 The 5 Benefits of Thermal Imaging Cameras

Acknowledged all through the security business as the best 24-hour visual observation alternative available, thermal imaging cameras are a necessary part in adequately securing outskirts, airplane terminals, seaports, basic foundation, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

Thermal cameras let individuals see what their eyes can't: imperceptible warmth radiation transmitted by all articles paying little heed to light conditions. A portion of the best advantages of thermal imaging come in the space of security. Surveillance cameras have turned into a staple of safety for some (if not every single) real business the nation over, and in such a scene, the need to create quality pictures is fundamental to give consistent assurance against potential interlopers.

1.Low-Light Scenarios

At the point when cameras are checking the border of a building, they frequently should manage low light situations (for instance, amid evening time hours). This is a territory in which thermal imaging cameras can sparkle.

2.Immune to Visual impediments

Prominent cameras, much like our eyes, regularly experience difficulty seeing through frequently happening visual obscurants that piece reflected light. Be that as it may, because thermal radiation goes through these visual obstructions, thermal cameras can perceive what going on where light cameras can't.

3.Camouflaging Foliage

Customary cameras that catch just clear light can be tricked, at times, by visual disguise, or in circumstances where comparable hues or examples mix. This can make questions or individuals that should be recognized undetectable.

4.Fewer False Alarms

Thermal imaging cameras regularly demonstrate financially savvy in a business assurance situation, since they help diminish the quantity of fake cautions. This is proficient utilizing progressed examination programming that can perform at its most astounding gauge with the high differentiation pictures and video that thermally gives.

5.Higher Return on Investment

Thermal Imaging cameras are an exceptionally inexpensive alternative for some organizations that need to guarantee they have the best security and insurance arrangement available today. The aggregate cost of responsibility for the safety framework with thermal imaging cameras is, on the whole, much lower than a CCTV security framework. For instance, because of their mind-blowing range execution, less thermal imaging cameras are required on ventures than would be required for the utilization of light cameras. Furthermore, most cameras can't see past 200 meters during the evening and need additional lighting, which can be exorbitant in itself to introduce and keep up.

Using Thermal Imaging Cameras for Improving Energy Efficiency

Thermal imaging cameras render infrared radiation as visible light and allow us to detect things that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye.

What you may not know is that thermal imaging has a very significant role to play in reducing energy consumption and improving energy efficiency.

Thermal Imaging Cameras for Building Diagnostics

One of the most talked about subjects in recent years has been that of energy use. As energy prices soar, fossil fuel resources become depleted, and as concern over climate change increases, many of us have begun to pay much closer attention to how we use energy.

The easiest and quickest method to detect energy waste is infrared thermography. An infrared camera shows exactly where the problems are allowing areas of energy loss to be diagnosed.

Up to 50% of all the energy used in a building can be lost as heat escapes through chimneys, attics, wall vents and inefficiently sealed doors and windows.

They were then able to use this data to provide advice and information to residents on how they could better insulate their homes, use less energy and save money on their heating bills.

Modern FLIR thermal imaging cameras are very easy to use and allow the user to easily create reports and analyze the data.

For many people thermography has turned something abstract into something tangible. The cameras create a heatmap of a building, showing which areas are cold and which are hot. This allows building owners to see a visual representation of where energy is being lost.

Thermal imagers are also a valuable tool in predictive maintenance, detecting problems on mechanical, electrical and structural systems, as well as pinpointing areas where moisture is building up. 


Here's a video to show you the benefits of thermal imaging.

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