Cloud-based Systems

Last Updated : June 22 2017

Cloud-based Systems

by Mary Pressman 2017 June 21

Cloud-based Systems

It is not surprising to have markets embracing cloud computing more readily today than a decade ago to boost their business performance and bottom line. Research has revealed that 90% of all new enterprises favor cloud-based systems which include inbuilt workforce management software when setting up their business ventures. This type of system and inbuilt software offers a smoother transition and scalability for improved mobile workforce scheduling operations.

With technology progressing at a rapid speed, more advanced computing features are sprouting up with powerful software to impact the economy and businesses today. This has led to a new technology system known as cloud computing which offers greater flexibility and dynamism in the business arena - and in particular for mobile workforce scheduling.



It has been found that there is a myriad of benefits with cloud computing as more businesses embrace this new technology. Many have found better connectivity amongst colleagues, associates, vendors, suppliers and even competitors where one can keep track of the competition more quickly.

Today's extensive use of cloud computing includes Gmail, eBay, Amazon, Facebook, and Twitter which has drawn millions of consumers in all strata of society and workplace. Simple operations such as online banking are also through a cloud-based system.

As the technology progresses, it expected that a wider scope of applications would emerge from cloud computing that would enhance the mobile workforce in more ways than one. It predicted by various technological experts that cloud computing would see more hybrid clouds emerging with the number of Amazon competitors being reduced.

There is a growing number of businesses embracing cloud-based systems to gain the plethora of benefits that come along the way. Business customers and their mobile workforce with an excellent connectivity via cloud field service software would enjoy better services and products with the HTML5 mobile app and office computers to interact dynamically with one another.

Available solutions with mobile workforce


Cloud computing has a great impact on the mobile workforce as one server can cater a few hundred electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets. AMD researched that 70% of medium-sized firms are seizing cloud-based systems as solutions for higher efficiency in operations and greater productivity.

Bloomberg made a claim that cloud-based systems would attract a market. There are many advanced field service software in the market to assist with mobile workforce scheduling to achieve greater productivity and performance.

There is a myriad of cloud-based software that provides better customer services through CRM if a business activates a call center. Financial management software via cloud computing systems allow workforce and asset costs to be handled efficiently and more. There are many new tools such as workforce scheduling software which allows the company to schedule the right person for the right job at the right time.

With cloud computing, the workflow can be better managed with the proper workflow management software available. This advanced form of software controls the business works or operations efficiently from start to finish for a higher productivity at a lower cost. Thus, the bottom line of the firm improves.

When there is a mobile workforce in the marketplace, there must be the best of systems such as cloud computing to connect jobs and appointment to the mobile workers directly for greater impact.

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